BuddhaWheel™ Buddhas

These are the names of everyone who has attained enlightenment playing BuddhaWheel with us:


1) James Preece (Emily's brother)
2) Emily Rogers
3) Steve Rogers (Emily's husband)

4) Jade Henriksen (Emily's friend)
5) Oscar Pink (Steve's nephew)

6) Caleb (Manjushri Centre Spring Festival 2005)

7) Bob Stephenson (Red Wizard Café, Totnes)
8) Karen Grant (Emily & Steve's neighbour, in just over an hour)

9) Lewis Finlayson &
10) Morgan (Quest 2005)

11) Ben,
12) Maisie &
13) Nick (Buddhafield 2005)

14) David Rogers
15) Jonathan Rogers
16) Maia Rogers (Steve's brother, nephew & niece, January 2006)

17) Billie &
18) Saul (Big Green Gathering 2006)

19) Dominic (London Mind Body Spirit 2007)

20) Jake &
21) Runa (brother and sister, simultaneously, Buddhafield 2007)

What players have said about BuddhaWheel™


"The best game I have ever played"
Buddha Ben

Buddha Morgan


"More fun than Laughter Therapy"
Sue Holloway


"Are you going to play the game again?"
Buddhafield kids, every day


"The game has been played enough for it to enter
our youngest son's dreams" - a parent


"Easy to learn, and will be played again and again"
Andrew, Artsculture Dec 2005 Craft Market


"A wonderfully bonkers game"
ostercy, EZBoard Dark Café, Game On forum


"Are you still playing that game?"
parents in general, hours later


All BuddhaWheel Buddhas are entitled to start future games as a Buddha. The first remotely-created Buddha we met was Matthew Aaronson (Buddhafield 2006).


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