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Subject: BuddhaWheel News 15
21st April 2008

Hi everyone!

This is the first time we've sent our BuddhaWheel newsletter to the rest of our Sarasvati Arts community. If you haven't discovered BuddhaWheel yet, please have a look at the BuddhaWheel website (address at the bottom).

1) We love getting FEEDBACK from you about your experiences with the game. We have to try to explain it to everyone who hasn’t been able to play yet... so send us your anecdotes!

2) SPRING CLEARANCE — BuddhaWheel is now only £30 plus P&P — the game has been doing so well we wanted to drop the price as a thank you, and to celebrate all of the new growth we see around us!

3) Last summer we had a stall, where we played and sold many games, at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London, and one of our young players was kind enough to record a short video, “Buddha Dominic’s Guide to Enlightenment”, describing his successful 90 minute game. You can see it on our website on the Workshops Gallery page.

4) Also last summer we were invited to join the Buddhafield Kids Area crew and played two BuddhaWheel sessions every day in our gazebo tent. We will be back this year too! This year the theme will be “Dance of the Elements” and as usual the Buddhafield people will be running big public celebrations as well as hosting all the usual festival features — except alcohol, drugs and dogs! More information from PO Box 27822 London SE24 9YZ, +44 (0)1647 24539, or

Enjoy your summer! We hope to meet you! Love, Emily and Steve, Misha and Poppy xxxx

Subject: BuddhaWheel News 14
19th July 2007

Hi everybody,

We have a new lower postage price for all UK mail orders - £5, down from £10. So both you and your friends can get BuddhaWheel at a lower price than ever.

The Mind Body Spirit Festival at London's Royal Horticultural Halls was a great experience, with a full table of players at every session, and we met our sales target. On the back of this first ever London show, Emily is now preparing talks and workshops for future London events - watch this newsletter for further details!

We held a free draw for everyone who gave us contact details at the Mind Body Spirit show. The lucky winner of a friendly Buddha statue was Kimberley Shipp.

We've just got home from Buddhafield 2007, an annual working holiday for us and the kids where there is a great Kids' Area. This year we were actually part of the Kids' Area ourselves, so we were hard at work playing BuddhaWheel with young players twice a day. We met some of our BuddhaWheel veterans, some of whom had become Buddhas at home since last time we saw them, and had the amazing experience of seeing a brother and sister both become Buddhas in the same move!

Next year we hope to bring our Giant BuddhaWheel to Buddhafield Festival, making our relationship with Buddhafield even richer.

If you are around Devon in September please come to the exhibition of our Sarasvati Arts artists' work at the Willow Restaurant in Totnes. It runs from 4 September to 1 October and you will be able to gaze at our thangkas, buddhas and other inspirational artwork whilst enjoying delicious vegetarian and organic food. Why not pop round and buy a BuddhaWheel from our house while you're here?

Looking forward to seeing you!

Subject: BuddhaWheel News 13
17th May 2007


Welcome to your next Sarasvati Arts and BuddhaWheel newsletter! Over the past year we have been really busy with our BuddhaWheel project and will be attending the London Mind Body Spirit Festival at the London Royal Horticultural Halls later on this month.

Following the media flood last year the festival circuit was very kind to us. We enjoyed running workshops during our second visit to Buddhafield and provided BuddhaWheel at The Big Green Gathering in August. We also created our first Giant BuddhaWheel - where our players walked around the Wheel of Life at the Totnes Festival. Have a look on our website to see some pictures of our events.

We can feel another busy summer coming on which should be rounded off nicely with another exhibition of our artists' work at the Willow restaurant in Totnes in September.

Not long now until we pack up the van and come to London. Why not come along and meet us there? We will be playing the game at various times throughout the day and enjoying the ambiance of this well seasoned show running from 23rd - 28th May. Our stand is number 50 (right at the end of the hall next to the Juice Stall - yum) and we have a few free tickets to give away...

E-mail us on for more details.

Enjoy your summer!

Subject: BuddhaWheel News 12
29th January 2007

Happy 2007!

We had a lovely Christmas and are starting to invite people over for BuddhaWheel evenings. It's a great excuse for seeing people we never have the time to see.

We have been granted a bursary so that we can attend at the Mind, Body and Spirit show at London's Horticultural Halls in May this year. We'll let you know the stand number closer to the time - come along and show off your BuddhaWheel expertise :-)

Best Wishes from all of us here at BuddhaWheel.

Subject: BuddhaWheel News 11
1st December 2006

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all keeping warm. We've emptied our warehouse of flat-packed boxes, lids & boards into our house and are now processing the last batch of the only 500 BuddhaWheel games in existence. It seems strange coming to the end of the production run. As a compliment to our preparations for Christmas, Connect Magazine has included us as one of their Christmas Gift Ideas.

We've really enjoyed meeting many of you over the year, and if any of you are thinking of giving BuddhaWheel as a present this year, remember we need to receive UK Christmas orders by Sunday 17 December.

Our competition was won by Pete Stephenson from Yorkshire, with this description of BuddhaWheel's good qualities:

"Having played just one game with our two sons it is already clear that the game provides
a conduit for revealing, instructive, unusually frank and transparently honest facts and
feelings which rise up effortlessly and without restricting self-conscious inhibition.
Hmm... methinks this is gonna be fun!"

When we told him he'd won, he responded:

"The game is great. Our quest for enlightenment continues but lots of strange connections
and synchronicity crop up along the way. I guess, rather than the destination, it's the
path and the here-and-now that are the important stuff, and the game reflects that superbly."

The prize game is being donated to the World Peace Café in Halifax, so if you're nearby pop in and try before you buy!

Subject: BuddhaWheel News 10

Hi everybody,

1) BuddhaWheel has been shortlisted (Top 10) in the Gift of the Year Wellbeing category <>.

2) We played the Giant BuddhaWheel all afternoon on Wednesday at Totnes Midsomer Festival <> and it worked really well! We have PHOTOS at <>

3) We are going to be at Buddhafield again this year <> and hope to be able to play Giant BuddhaWheel there too. See you there!

4) We would like to add all the BuddhaWheel Buddhas to the roll of honour on our Players Page <>. So if you have attained full enlightenment in the game, please let us know!

Subject: BuddhaWheel Update [BuddhaWheel News 9]

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying your BuddhaWheels! We have been extremely busy and would like to thank you all for your support. We have initial plans to visit several festivals this year including Quest and Buddhafield. First-up we have been invited to the Totnes Midsomer Festival to create a walk-around BuddhaWheel. We've got our Devas in the God realm and some Demons in the Hells to help people act out their own special experiences :-) Do come along to Vire Island next Wednesday pm if you can.

We now have an American distributor, Steve Dingledine - his details are on the shop page,
and also have interested parties in Italy, Spain, Taiwan and Malaysia.

We would really love to hear some of your experiences and your tasty God and Hell realms. Any new Buddhas out there? We'd particularly like to communicate with our younger players so get them to our Google group

or e-mail us...

An early warning: We are running low on our first run and do not have the finance for a second run as yet - so best to buy early for Christmas...

Best Wishes to you all, wish us luck for Wednesday :-)

Subject: BuddhaWheel News 8

Hi everybody,

1) We are about to send out a mailshot - if anyone would like some flyers to distribute (in cafés & libraries, on pinboards, etc.), please let us know (with your postal address) and we'll send you however many you want.

2) BuddhaWheel is the "Next Big Thing" in Spirit & Destiny magazine's April edition, on sale now. Their article has also been added to our colourful Press Page at

3) Please visit our BuddhaWheel Forum at and share your BuddhaWheel experiences (God Realms & Hells etc.). Have any of you attained enlightenment yet?

4) The archive of previous newsletters can be found on the Web at

5) Hope you're having a good spring. We've moved the greenhouse and our onion, garlic & bean beds seem to be OK.

Subject: BuddhaWheel News 7

Hi everybody,

1) BuddhaWheel has been added to at <>

2) The game was played live on radio (!?) yesterday morning (BBC Radio 4 Sunday programme). In case you missed it, you can listen to the article on our Press page <>

Subject: BuddhaWheel News 5 - BBC1 Heaven & Earth Show
11 January 2006 14:02:22 GMT

1) Whoops! Newsletter numbers out of order!
2) Press page added to website:
3) Sunday programme on BBC Radio 4 Sunday 15 Jan 7:10am.
4) Heaven & Earth Show on BBC TV Sunday 15 Jan 10am.

Subject: BuddhaWheel News 6 - Article in The Independent
10 January 2006 17:08:52 GMT

Get The Independent tomorrow and there should be an article about BuddhaWheel in it! In case you couldn't find it, today's Guardian article is on page 4.

Today Emily was interviewed for BBC Radio Scotland's "Radio Cafe" program and she will be on BBC Radio Five Live this evening. Also keep an eye open for a future Heaven & Earth Show on BBC TV.

Subject: BuddhaWheel News 4 - Article in The Guardian
9 January 2006 20:32:48 GMT

Get The Guardian tomorrow and there should be an article about BuddhaWheel in it! There was one in the (Torbay) Herald Express today.

Subject: BuddhaWheel Newsletter No.3
6 November 2005 14:52:49 GMT

1) We now have everything except the boards & boxes, and these will be with us next week. When they arrive we will issue Newsletter No.4 to say so, and start sending out games to those of you who have paid in full.

2) The BuddhaWheel webshop is now open for the payment of the balance (for those of you who have already paid a deposit) or the full price (if you haven't). Please remember to pay £10 less for additional games if you are buying more than one - and hurry, because the special offer ends at midnight before Christmas Day.

Subject: BuddhaWheel Newsletter No.2
6 August 2005 12:37:30 BST

1) Emily will be presenting an introduction & exploration of Buddhism with the BuddhaWheel game, at Totnes Natural Health Centre on Tuesday evenings, starting at 8pm, from 13 September - 1 November 2005. The cost will be £5 per session and there will be discussion & refreshments.

2) We are now going into production and would like to remind those of you thinking of buying a BuddhaWheel game to send us your £10 deposit to secure your copy! As a special Christmas offer, if you buy one at the full price you can buy additional copies for only £35 each.

3) Our stay in the Buddhist Village at Buddhafield was really successful and we were overwhelmed by players. To our surprise the majority were children - we had only played with adults and whole families before - and these included two who were persistent enough to become BuddhaWheel Buddhas (and one very near miss). They will now be added to our roll of honour at

Subject: BuddhaWheel Newsletter No.1
7 July 2005 17:57:21 BST

Hi everyone,

This is a BuddhaWheel newsletter.

1) We will be at Buddhafield this year <>.

2) The website is up and running, smart, informative, fun and worth a visit. <>

See you soon!