BuddhaWheel™ is a board game devised by Emily Rogers of Sarasvati Arts. See some of the game cards. The board is based on a Wheel of Life thangka commissioned from a Tibetan artist in India.
Join the mailing list to be informed of game events. A limited print run of 500 was produced in 2005 and there are only a few copies left - please enquire if you are interested in buying one. Emily spent four years working on incorporating Lamrim (stages of the path), Lojong (exchanging self with others) and Lorig (categories of mind) into the game.
The game is based on Emily's "Bodhisattva Game Engine™", which is currently being employed to create more non-competitive games. The second game, GreenWheel, has been created but has no finance to go into production. Please contact us if you are interested in GreenWheel.

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